”I don't want to help violate the rules"

2021.8.5 19:01
A volunteer driver of the Tokyo Olympics testified that she was taking foreigners who came to Japan for the games to restaurants and commercial facilities unrelated to the Olympics.
Just because of the act of breaking the "bubble method" that blocks contact between players and the outside, she said "I have to go anywhere if they want to go, but don't want to help violate the rules".

Vehicle for the Tokyo Olympic Games (Photo provided)

"Go to an ethnic restaurant". In late July, she was given the store's business card by two foreigners who got into the tournament-only vehicle and thought "again." The destination is a downtown area that is more than 20 minutes by car from the athlete's village in Harumi. I heard that it was a transfer to the hotel in advance reservations up to the day before.
The Playbook, the code of conduct for athletes and stakeholders, allows them to go only to places that are essential to the tournament. It is forbidden to go to tourist spots, restaurants, bars, etc. outside.
She sent another foreigner to a consumer electronics retail store in the city center by car. She confirmed with the staff of the Organizing Committee that it was a violation of the rules, but was told, "Please follow the intentions of the related to Tokyo Olympics."
We asked the Organizing Committee by e-mail on August 3 about the fact that foreign officials are going to places that are not allowed, but no answer has arrived as of the evening of 4.

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