Hashimoto : "It's not perfect ..." as Olympics end

2021.8.9 17:34

Chairperson Hashimoto (right) and Secretary-General Muto at the press conference .

Hashimoto Seiko, chairperson of the Organizing Committee for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, held a press conference on August 8 before the closing of the Olympics. Hashimoto commented on the tournament under the expansion of COVID-19 "It was difficult to hold the Olympics while ensuring safety and security. It was not perfect, but I think that it was acclaimed as a whole." .
When asked about the public's understanding of the event, Hashimoto said, "I feel that it is not 100% accepted." Regarding the evaluation of success, she said, "I would like to answer after the Paralympics. There were some issues and points for improvement, I have to make use of them in the future."
There are 19 players who were abstained due to the infection with COVID-19. Hashimoto summarized that "there were no major problems" regarding the infection status of the people involved in the Games, but cited thorough behavioral management as an issue for the Paralympics. On the other hand, Secretary-General Muto Toshiro emphasized that "I think it was maintained as a whole" about the "bubble method" that blocks external contact with the players.
Hashimoto described it as "the most connected Olympics in history through digital communication," because viewing on the web and apps increased significantlyin while there were no spectators in the venues. She also evaluated that new sports such as skateboarding also stimulated the younger generation.

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