Mass vaccination of COVID-19 to street sleepers begins in Tokyo

2021.11.20 06:30
Street sleepers vaccinated

Street sleepers vaccinated

Vaccination is underway in the 23 wards of Tokyo for people who have not received a vaccination ticket for the COVID-19 to lack of a place to live. People who have not been vaccinated due to lack of a resident card have welcomed them. However, it seems that there are still many street sleepers who have not been vaccinated.
At the end of October, 72 people living on the streets and in internet cafes gathered in a park in Toshima Ward. A certified NPO that provides medical support for people in need at home and abroad guided them to a health center and received vaccinations.
Reservations were accepted at a food distribution event for the needy at the same park. Even if someone doesn't have the verification documents, who can accept the reservation by declaring your name and date of birth. A 58-year-old man living on the street said, "I didn't think I have a right to say'I want to get vaccinated'. I am grateful to be able to get vaccinated."
The vaccination ticket will be delivered to the address on the residence certificate. The government issued a notice to the local government in April, requesting that people who come to the counter without a resident card be issued an inoculation ticket.
Toshima Ward has decided to cooperate with NPOs to provide mass inoculations for non-resident homeless people . Pamphlets explaining vaccination were distributed at food distribution meetings and internet cafes. According to a metropolitan survey, there are 862 street sleepers in Tokyo, and an estimated 4000 people live in internet cafes a day.
Professor Masato Kimura (specializing in sociology) of Toyo University, who works to support street sleepers, said, "While many people have completed the second vaccination, some have been left behind without receiving a single vaccination. It is difficult for people without a homeless person to receive the correct information, and the national and local governments need to work with private organizations to correct the information gap. "

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