Chiba University Hospital introduces an "ECMO Car"

2021.12.7 06:30
Chiba University Hospital has introduced an "ECMO Car" that can transport patients equipped with an Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). This is the first medical institution in Chiba prefecture to introduce it. It is expected to be a "Running ER (Emergency Room)" that can be used not only for responding to people infected with the novel coronavirus, but also as a mobile medical care space for patients who need emergency treatment for lifesaving at disaster sites.

ECMO Car introduced by Chiba University Hospital and a dedicated stretcher that can load ECMO equipment = in Chuo-ku, Chiba City ( both photos provided by the hospital)

The ECMO Car is a modified minibus that can accommodate up to 9 people, including 2 patients, 5 medical staff, and 2 driver's seats. A large number of various monitoring devices and lighting are installed in the car to accommodate critically ill patients. Lifesaving activities such as thoracotomy and laparotomy can be performed even at the destination.
It is equipped with a special stretcher designed by "OX ENGINEERING", a company in Chiba City that manufactures and sells wheelchairs for competitions, and can be loaded with ECMO equipment and oxygen cylinders. The power system is equipped with a total of three vehicles, a sub, and an emergency battery. It can be operated for a long time.

Inside the spacious ECMO Car

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection in Chiba prefecture this summer, the number of severely ill people increased and the beds became tight, and they were sometimes transported to distant hospitals. However, when carrying a patient on a general stretcher, mounting ECMO equipment and oxygen cylinders takes up space, and the vibration of an ambulance or doctor helicopter puts a stress on the seriously ill patient.
The ECMO Car costs about 50 million yen and was donated by the Nippon Foundation and Chiba Bank to the hospital. The ECMO Car costs about 50 million yen and was donated by the Nippon Foundation and Chiba Bank to the hospital.

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