Demonstration experiment of bicycle sharing in a hot spring town :"New discoveries in alleys where cars cannot enter"

2021.12.10 06:30

Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture, has started a demonstration experiment of a electric bicycle sharing, mainly in the Minakami hot spring town. After the new coronavirus go away, the town intends to introduce it to attract tourists.
Experiments began in mid-October and will continue until December 12th. Bicycle parking lots where users can rent and return bicycles have been set up in five locations within a 2km radius, such as in front of JR Minakami Station and private accommodation facilities.
A total of 22 electrically power assisted bicycles provided by "ecobike" (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) were installed. The fee is 50 yen per 30 minutes.
According to the town, while groups tourists have decreased in the hot spring town, individual tourists are increasing, and the person in charge of the town considers that there is demand for bicycles. It also has the purpose of eliminating the inconvenience of traffic in the hot spring town where there are narrow alleys .
Minakami Town is registered as UNESCO's biosphere reserve, and works on eco-tourism that makes the most of the rich nature. The person in charge of the town said, "Bicycles that allow you to directly feel the nature such as the wind and the smell of trees are suitable for sightseeing in Minakami. I think there are new discoveries in the alleys of the hot spring town that cannot be reached by car. "

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