Premium benefits to promote vactination

2021.12.15 06:30
 In order to promote vaccination for COVID-19, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced a new lottery privilege on Friday for those who registered for the service "TOKYO VACTION" app on the free communication application "LINE". The metropolitan government offers a small number of high-class gifts aiming to improve the inoculation rate by attracting young people's attention.
As premium benefits for young people (18 to 40 years old), twenty-seven kinds of goods such as free accommodation vouchers for luxury hotels (one pair for two people per night) and free lunch vouchers for restaurants (five pairs for two people) are prepared this time. The metropolitan government will also provide the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games mascot plush toys.
Applications will be accepted from January 14th to February 14th next year. Applicants need to submit thier identity verification documents and vaccination records online to register for the service.