More people are being kicked out of rented houses in the coronavirus pandemic

2021.12.18 06:30

Notification of payment decision of housing keeping benefits until November which the woman received

Income is declining due to the coronavirus pandemic, and more and more people are likely to be forced out of rented houses.
The number of cases in which the local government decided to provide the “Housing Keeping Benefit” to subsidize the rent increased sharply in FY2020, about 34 times from the previous year.
Since the payment of benefits will be cut off in a maximum of 15 months, a private organization supporting renters held a rally on the 14th to ask the government for a permanent rent subsidy system for low-income earners.

◆"Abandon work or become homeless ..."

"Payment of rent is the hardest". A pianist woman in her 60s lives with her husband in a rented house with a rent of 100,000 yen in Tokyo.
The couple have been using the benefits since December last year, and 64,000 yen a month has been paid to the landlord by the local government.
Before the pandemic, she played at restaurants as sole proprietors, and her average monthly income was about 370,000 yen.
She has had almost no work for a year since March last year, and her monthly income has dropped sharply to about 50,000 yen.
When the benefits were about to end in November, the woman said, "I was thinking about whether to abandon my current job or become homeless."
As a special case, the benefit has been extended for three months, but it is not possible to expect to resume work at the original workplace.

◆Need a permanent rent subsidy system

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of new payment decisions for benefits surged to about 135,000 in FY2020.
On the 14th, the National Federation of Land Leaseholders' Unions, which supports renters, held a rally in Tokyo and submitted about 8,800 signatures requesting a permanent rent subsidy system to the four opposition parties.

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