While soup kitchen decreasing due to coronavirus ... Publisher offer meal coupon.

2022.1.10 21:36

The person in charge of the Catalog House holding a meal coupons

Catalog House which publishes the magazine for mail order ,Tsuhan Seikatsu has begun to offer meal coupons at the venue where volunteers provide free food to people in need in front of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office every Saturday.
In order to prevent the infection of the novel coronavirus, it is difficult to cook there. So lunch boxes and bread are mainly offered recently. The person in charge of Catalog House says "On cold days, I want to have them eat hot meal at restaurants.
They offer a 500-yen coupon four times a month for one year.
On January 1, 387 people visited, nearly double the number a year ago. Onishi Ren, the head of the NPO ''Jiritsu Seikatsu (self-sustaining life) Support Center Moyai”, said, "There is a need for hot meals."

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