348 times lottery for twin pandas

2022.1.15 06:30
The twin giant pandas, male Xiao Xiao, and female Ray Ray, who were born in June last year at Ueno zoological gardens in Tokyo, were opened to the public on 12th. Those who won the lottery in advance came to the park one after another hoping to see Ueno's first twin pandas at a glance.

Xiao Xiao (top) and Ray Ray (bottom), which were first released on 12th (provided by Tokyo Zoological Park Society)

The Zoo has been closed since 11th due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus infection. However, from the 12th to 3 days , only the twin pandas and their mother Xin Xin were disclosed to only 1080 people each day. The displayed time was about 1 minute per person, and the lottery rate was 348 times.
Naoko Kawazoe, a self-employed person in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, who was the first to see them in line from 5 am, said with a smile, "I was impressed to see them."
According to the zoo, the twins weighed about 14 kg as of 11th and are growing steadily. They have been training to get used to people for the public. During the exhibition, They seemed to have a lot of service spirit, climbing trees and moving around actively.

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