High school cheer team send special thanks to medical professionals - Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture

2022.3.23 06:30

The members of Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe High School cheer team

On March 19, seven members of the Saitama Prefectural Kawagoe High School cheer team held a dedication performance in the Kawagoe Hachimangu Shrine to express their gratitude to medical professionals struggling with COVID-19. While the high school's "first cheering song" was being played by twenty-three members of the brass band club, each of the seven members performed with the whole body.
They wrote a Japanese character, which meant "win", on a piece of Japanese traditional paper and dedicated it to the shrine, because they wish residents of Kawagoe City "win" in the struggle with the pandemic. It will be displayed in the precincts of the shrine until the end of this year.

The Japanese character "win" (center)

Nagashima Kazuki, leader of the cheer team, said "The nurses are facing difficulties under the pandemic of coronavirus. We performed with the desire to energize the people who came here."
Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, there were few opportunities for the cheer team to play an active role in FY2011, and this was the second time. A dedication performance was decided in late February, and they prepared for the day by practicing four times a week.

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