Experts agreed to start preparations for the fourth vaccination of COVID-19

2022.3.26 06:30
The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Vaccine Subcommittee was held on 24 and agreed to begin preparations for the the fourth vaccination for COVID-19.
However, due to the lack of data showing its effectiveness, many experts are cautious and cannot predict whether it will actually be done.
At the meeting on this day, the Ministry presented a plan to position the fourth vaccination as a free "special vaccination" and to implement it six months after the third vaccination.
According to the Ministry, there are many studies that the effect decreases with the passage of time after the third vaccination, but there are few studies on the fourth time.
Experts pointed out that "the target should be limited to the elderly and medical staff" and "while preparing, we need the courage to stop depending on the situation."
Overseas, Israel, the United Kingdom, Germany and France recommend the fourth time only for the elderly and health care workers.
According to the study in Israel, the effect of preventing the onset by the fourth vaccination during an epidemic of the Omicron strain was 43% for Pfizer and 31% for Moderna.

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