Experts warn against the surge in Omicron subtype "BA.2" to over 38% in Tokyo

2022.3.30 02:05
A monitoring meeting in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to analyze the infection status of COVID-19 was held on March 24th, and it was reported that the number of suspected cases of the subtype "BA.2" of the Omicron strain reached 38.5% in Tokyo. Kaku Mitsuo, chairman of the Tokyo iCDC expert board, pointed out that "BA.2 strains are expected to become the main cause of infection in the near future." Although the infections in Tokyo are on the decline, he called for caution against rebounds due to replacement with subtypes, which are considered to be more infectious.

Omicron strain of novel coronavirus (provided by National Institute of Infectious Diseases)

According to a sampling survey conducted by the TMG, the percentage of suspected cases of BA.2 was 17.8% during the week from March 1st to 7th. However, the percentage from the 8th to the 14th jumped to 38.5%, which is more than double of a week before.
The TMG confirmed 8875 new infected persons on the 24th, that are 414 more than the same day of the previous week. TMG continues to be vigilant as the number surpassed the previous week for the first time in three weeks.
On the other hand, the alert level of the medical care delivery system has been lowered to "normal medical care is restricted," the second from the top of the four levels, as the number of hospitalized patients has been decreasing. This is the first time in about two months that the alert level has been lowered from the highest.

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