90% "satisfied", Kawasaki City Library paid delivery service

2022.4.2 06:30
Kawasaki City Library started full-scale paid book delivery service from April 1st. The library has tried this service since April last year. In the questionnaire to users, about 90% answered that they were "satisfied", so they decided to start full-scale service. The City's board of education says, "We hope it will be used by busy people and those who would like to refrain from going to the library for infection control." (Kyoko Ando)
Those who live, work, or attend school in the city can use it, and those who have been issued a "rental card" from the municipal library. Only for the first time, you need to apply for use at the counter of 13 municipal libraries including the annex. If you pay the shipping fee, you can send up to 10 books per person and return them. In the neighborhood, libraries in the prefecture and Chiba city are said to offer similar services.
According to the city board of education, about 300 people registered from April last year to February this year in the trial service, limited to residents, and about 500 books were lent out. About 70% of the registrants are active generations in their 30s ~ 50s.
Hisakazu Kojima, director of the Nakahara Library, who compiled the user questionnaire, said, "It seems that people who are raising children who want to use picture books and citizens who have less chance to go out due to working from home have used it for a fee. It will be a burden, but I hope it will be one of the options when using the library. "
When you make a reservation for a book from the home page etc., the library will call you to tell you the estimated delivery date and shipping fee, and it will be delivered to your home by cash on delivery. The shipping fee is about 300 yen per book. The rental period is 2 weeks. When returning, you can also use the return post of the station or city facility. For inquiries, please contact the nearest municipal library.