The rate of booster vaccination in the 20s is sluggish. They're off guard. "It doesn't get serious."

2022.4.9 06:30

Large screen of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government calling for vaccination of young people = Shinjuku Station West Exit

At the turning point to stop the epidemic "7th wave" of the COVID-19, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will focus on the third vaccination. However, people in their twenties, whose number of newly infected people is on the rise, are hesitant to take the third vaccination, saying that they are "tired from corona measures" and "will not become seriously ill."
A fourth-year university student staying in front of JR Ochanomizu Station in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, where there are multiple universities, said, "Even if I vaccinate, I cannot see the goal of countermeasures against the COVID-19." His friends were infected with the novel coronavirus one after another in February, but all had mild symptoms. Therefore, he is not going to be vaccinated for the third time.
The rate of the third vaccination in the 20s is low. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the vaccination rate for Tokyo residents over the age of 12 has risen to 49.0% as of April 5. 82.2% are 65 years old or older, while only 25.6% are in their 20s.
Governor Koike Yuriko called on young people to cooperate in vaccination, saying, "The COVID-19 may be transmitted from young people to the elderly, and the elderly may become seriously ill. There is a risk that sequelae will remain even in their twenties."

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