Increasing the limit of people on the dinner

2022.4.23 12:47
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will extend the rebound alert period, which was set to prevent the re-spread of the novel coronavirus infection, by about one month until May 22. It continues to request that you stay within 2 hours at a restaurant that has been certified for infection control. However, the number of people at the dinner will be increased from the current 4 people per group to 8.

Governor Koike Yuriko

Although the infection situation in Tokyo is on the decline, Governor Koike Yuriko emphasized that "there are long holidays while the number of newly infected people is not falling, and there is concern about the re-expansion of infection." Although the limit of people for dinner is not based on the law, she called for cooperation with the citizens of Tokyo.
For the long holidays, the government will continue to have a system in which asymptomatic residents who are worried about infection can be tested free of charge, and recommend to be tested in advance when they return home or travel. In addition, it will expand the number of people to be vaccinated at some of the large-scale venues set up by the government so that they will be vaccinated before going out. While maintaining the medical care provision system, it strengthen measures for the elderly and children.

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