Youth addicted to face masks are increasing under pandemic

2022.5.14 06:30
Wearing face masks to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic has become natural, and more and more children are embarrassed to remove the masks and show their faces. Experts warned "it may affect the development of communication skills."
In March, a mother in Tokyo wondered when she saw her 10-year-old daughter taking online classes at home. She usually takes off her mask at home, and previously didn't wear the mask during the online classes. Half of the children on the screen were wearing masks. The mother said, " My daughter doesn't feel comfortable going out in public without one".
According to one online survey, about 50% of both men and women in their teens answered "always use" or "use as much as possible" when asked "Do you use masks even after pandemic?"
"The number of children who depend on masks may be increasing," warns psychiatrist Noboru Watanabe.

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