Governor of Ibaraki : "It's time to ease up" on wearing masks outdoors

2022.5.18 06:30

Ibaraki Prefectural Government (center)

Regarding the wearing of masks outdoors as a measure against novel coronavirus infection, Governor Ooigawa Kazuhiko of Ibaraki Prefecture said at a press conference on May 12, "the number of cases of serious illness due to infection is decreasing". He recognized that "it is time to ease up" on the wearing of masks.
Since May 9, just after the Golden Week holidays, the daily number of infections has exceeded that of the same day of the previous week for three consecutive days, but the governor said, "There has been a temporary increase, but the number of hospitalizations is steadily decreasing. We don't need to worry much about the situation".
He added, "There is also the danger of heat stroke (if you keep wearing a mask). If we don't allow people to take them off, they will not be able to live without masks forever." He said "We should not be overly afraid of the novel coronavirus, and we should keep economic activities going".
Regarding the wearing of masks outdoors, Ozaki Haruo, chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, has proposed a reconsideration. Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Hirokazu also said that it is not always necessary as long as people can keep their distance from others.

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