Moderna vaccine to be discarded

2022.5.21 06:30
While the rate of the third dose of the novel coronavirus vaccine to young people is sluggish, Odawara City has begun to dispose of the Modrna vaccine whose expiration date has passed. Even in Kawasaki City, which handles products made by Moderna for large-scale inoculation, there are about 27,000 vaccines that will expire in June, and it is expected that mass disposal is inevitable.

Moderna's novel corona vaccine

According to Odawara City, the vaccines to be discarded are those that will expire on May 15 and 23, for a total of 13,305 people. The vaccine provided by the government is 45% made by Pfizer and 55% made by Moderna, and those who said that "the first and second doses had strong side reactions" avoided the one made by Moderna. The vaccine to be discarded this time was provided by the government in February, and the vaccination could not catch up by the expiration date.
In Kawasaki City, approximately 27,000 moderates will expire on June 10. Ashikawa Ryoichi, section chief in charge, expressed a sense of crisis, saying, "If the number of reservations for vaccinations does not increase in the future, we will have no choice but to dispose of a large number of them. The fourth round of vaccinations will begin as early as the end of May. it is possible to use Moderna's vaccine provided for the third round vaccinations for the fourth round, and the city are sending out the fourth round of vaccination tickets by early June, but since only a few thousand people are eligible to receive them, a large amount of waste is inevitable. In addition, Yokohama City revealed that it has a total of 54,200 doses of Modena-made vaccine that will expire on May 28 and June 10.

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