Ukrainian national amateur sumo wrestlers enjoy Japanese food and culture at Asakusa town

2022.6.4 06:30

Wrestlers enjoy eating sushi and tempra

A group of Ukrainian national team of amateur sumo wrestlers enjoyed Japanese food and walking around the Asakusa town for a day long. They came to Japan in late May to hold a training camp in Japan before the international competition in the United States. They were invited by the Asakusa Mothers' Association, which supports a part of his stay in Japan, and enjoyed soba, tempura, and sushi at a soba shop, and visited Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine. (Kana Ogata)
At the soba restaurant, they ate food while learning how to use soy sauce and tentsuyu from members of the "Okamisankai" in Tokyo and Saitama. Teruko Tominaga (85), the president of the Asakusa Okamisankai gave a gift of Japanese traditional fan to them. One of members said with smile that "I am grateful to Japanese people for their warm welcome."

Teruko Tominaga, center, gave a Japanese traditional fan to the members

According to Mr. Matsue Violetta (37) of the Ukraine Sumo Federation Office in Japan, the stronghold of the federation in Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine, was davastated by the violent attack of Russian troops. The area where the gymnasium was practiced until February 23, the day before the invasion began, is now under Russian control.
"I couldn't come to Japan if I left the gym one day later," said one wrestler (
22) from Kharkiv. From just after Russian invasion to mid-April, he volunteered to carry food and medicine to people who had evacuated to subway stations. "The area right next to the building where the relief supplies were stored was bombed," recalls the activities which always were in danger of losing life. "It's my first time to play Sumo on the ring of Japan. I would like to interact with Japanese wrestlers and learn a lot," he says.

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