Eat? Do not eat? Life class at Adachi Elementary School

2022.6.8 06:30
On the 2nd, there was a class to discuss whether to eat the flatfish that the sixth graders of Kodo Elementary School (Nishiayase) in Adachi-ku, Tokyo had raised for the purpose of learning the blessings of the sea and the importance of life. The conclusion that the children made while worrying was "eat." On the three days, the children shabu-shabu the flounder and tasted it, and thanked them for their lives.

Children watching Mr. Saito (right) cooking flatfish = provided by Adachi Ward

"I grew up responsibly, so let's eat until the end." "I want to return to the sea and give it away." "I'm sorry to eat." A two-day class where each class discussed whether to eat flatfish. The children were talking with their friends.
As part of the "land aquaculture project," fifty-two sixth graders have been breeding ten flounders in the school's aquarium since September last year. The children sweated for feeding and cleaning the aquarium, and the flounder, which was 6 centimeters, grew to 15 to 20 centimeters. After the debate, a majority vote was finally taken, with 34 people "eating" and 16 people "not eating."

Children looking at the raised flatfish = All at Kodo Elementary School in Adachi Ward

Koichi Saito (54), the representative director of the NPO Japan Culture Promotion Association (Satte City, Saitama Prefecture), who is the facilitator of the class, said, "Human beings are kept alive by receiving lives from animals. Don't forget to thank them when you eat." Kotomi Ueno (11) said, "I was happy to see the growing flounder. Eating while thinking about the importance of life is also good for the flounder."
On the 3rd, the children actually ate the flatfish that Mr. Saito grated in front of the children. "It's delicious" and "I ate it with gratitude." Classes are part of the Nippon Foundation's "Sea and Japan Project".

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