"Gun control in New York is unconstitutional."

2022.6.25 06:30
US Supreme Court

US Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court said on the 23rd that Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment, which stipulates the people's right to own weapons, guarantees the right of individuals to hold guns in public for self-defense, and carries guns outside their homes. It was decided that the New York state law that restricted the law was unconstitutional. In the midst of a series of mass shootings, President Biden issued a statement criticizing that it was "contrary to common sense and the Constitution," saying that it would go against the tightening of regulations.
New York state law was enacted over 100 years ago and requires a license to prove the need for legitimate self-defense in order for an individual to have a pistol outside his home. The Supreme Court pointed out that state law "prevents the exercise of citizens' rights to comply with the law and seek general self-defense."
At least five states in the United States, including California and New Jersey, have similar regulations to New York, and based on this decision, the conditions for carrying a pistol outside the home are likely to be relaxed.
The decision was supported by six conservative judges and opposed by three liberals. In the United States, about a month ago, on the 24th of last month, a mass shooting that killed 21 people at an elementary school in Texas occurred, and a gun control bill was submitted in the Senate, and reform movements have begun.

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