Tokyo Metro Government Announces New Nickname for Childcare Leave, Hopes to Change Atmosphere

2022.7.2 06:00
Governor Yuriko Koike announced a new nickname 'Ikugyo' for childcare leave

Governor Yuriko Koike announced a new nickname 'Ikugyo' for childcare leave

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced on Wednesday that it has decided on "Ikugyo (Childcare Work)" as the new nickname for childcare leave. The metro government aims to renew the image of parental leave, as the image of "taking a break" has created an atmosphere that makes it difficult for employees to take advantage of the program.
 Governor Yuriko Koike, who attended a meeting to announce the new nickname at the government office, said, "I want to create a society where people can proudly say, 'I am taking childcare work,' instead of apologizing and saying, 'Sorry, please let me take childcare leave'.
 The nickname was solicited from the end of April, and 8,825 applications were received in about one month. Other than "Ikugyo," the government also received nicknames such as "Childcare Shift", "Childcare Secondment", "Child-rearing Work" and "Haguku-Mission". From among these, nine committee members, including Cybozu President Yoshihisa Aono, Work-Life Balance President Yoshie Komuro, and TV personality Taiyo Sugiura, made the selection.
 In conjunction with the decision on the nickname, the metro government will launch a registration system to designate companies in Tokyo that have 50% or more (the average for the past two fiscal years) of male employees taking childcare leave as "companies promoting paternity leave", and will accept applications from July 20th. The registration mark of a male seahorse raising a child will be used for PR purposes. The program will also make it easier for the resistered company to receive small and medium-sized enterprise loans.

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